Prevention and Treatment of Achilles Tendonitis – Calf and Heel Pain in Runners and Athletes

Achilles tendonitis can be a common and frustrating cause of ankle and heel pain in runners and other athletes.Anatomy of the Achilles tendonThe Achilles tendon is the terminal extension of the three posterior muscles in the lower leg: the soleus, gastrocnemius, and plantaris. The achilles tendon attaches (inserts) into the posterior calcaneus. Inflamation of the tendon can occur either at the insertion of the tendon at the attachment to the bone or several inches above the bony attachment of the tendon.Symptoms of Achilles tendonitis and tendinosisSymptoms of Achilles tendinitis or tendinosis can include:
Pain, swelling, tenderness or stiffness at the Achilles tendon.
Heel pain during or after exercise
Heel pain worse with running and jumping
Pain worse with heel strike or pushing off from the ground
Formation of a “bump” on the back of the heel
Achilles Tendon Rupture

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A rupture of the Achilles tendon can occur during a forceful push-off. Typically there is a “pop” or ripping sensation in the back of the calf, followed by pain and decreased movement of the ankle. A suspected achilles tendon rupture requires evaluation by a sports medicine physician and may require surgery with prolonged immobilization in a leg cast and then walking boot.Causes of Achilles Tendonitis and Tendinosis
Overuse or overloading of the Achilles tendon, from either too much volume or too high of an intensity of activity is a common cause of Achilles tendonitis.
Other common causes of chronic Achilles tendon include:
Tight calf muscle.
Recent increase in running mileage or running up hills.
Over-pronation (rolling in of the foot)
High foot arches (pes cavus) and flat feet (pes planus)
Prevention of Achilles Tendonitis and TendinosisMost Achilles tendon injuries occur as the result of “too much, too soon” or poor biomechanics and can be prevented with these simple tips and listening to your body. Achilles tendon injuries can be prevented by avoiding overtraining, allowing for adequate recovery and rest, following a regular stretching and strengthening program and selecting proper running shoes for your running style.

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Begin the exercise standing on a stair facing up the stairs
The toes should be on the stairs and the heels off the stair.
Slowly lower your heel so that it drops below the step.
The eccentric movement is the dropping of the heel to lengthen the calf muscles.
You should feel a slight stretch in the calf.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 to 15 repetitions twice a day.
– John Martinez, M.D. Medical Director, Coastal Sports and Wellness Medical Center, San Diego, CA

Sports Psychology and Athletes Who Worry About What Others Think

One big challenge for many athletes today is the fact that they worry so much about what others think when they perform that it becomes a huge distraction.It is extremely important to care about other people. However it becomes unhealthy when athletes worry too much about what others think of them to the point that it distracts them from focusing on the task.We call this social approval or acceptance. It causes athletes to look for status from their peers in the form of respect, admiration, popularity, or wanting to fit in or be liked. Many people in today’s society crave these qualities.

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When you worry too much about what others think, you can’t focus on what is really important – your performance! In addition, this mindset also causes you to avoid mistakes or bad plays – not a good mindset to instill peak performance.I once worked with a young female golfer who I will call Lisa. Lisa lacked confidence in her game and wanted me to help her play with more confidence.As we talked, it became clear to me that Lisa relied on other people for her confidence. If her playing partners did not say, “Good shot” to her after she hit a good shot, she would begin to think negatively about herself.Her brain went into overdrive, and she assumed that her playing partners really did not like her because they did not acknowledge when she hit a good shot. She would think to herself, “I guess she does not like me or maybe thinks I am a crummy player,” and
then proceed to lose confidence.In addition, she was afraid of embarrassing herself when she played in tournaments. Her goal was to not shoot a bad number or high number for fear of what others would say to her about her game. More importantly, what would they think about her as a person?

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A word of caution! Be careful of making statements such as, “If I am a bad golfer today, I guess I am not a worthy person.”Let’s face it, many athletes want respect from their peers. But at the very least, you have to let go of what others may or may not be thinking about you when you compete. To get your head in the game, focus on what is truly important during your performance!

Combat Sports and the Ritual of Cutting Weight

Every competitor in any kind of combat sport, from boxing to wrestling to mixed martial arts will tell fans and friends that a large part of their sport is cutting weight. For those that are not aware, the process of cutting weight usually takes place in the last few days or up to a week before the competition and involves rapidly losing weight in order to fit into the right weight class. Many different techniques are used to make sure that the fighter, boxer or wrestler tips the traditional scales or digital scale at exactly the right weight at which they are supposed to compete. Weight cutting often times leads to extreme dehydration and is not healthy on the body so athletes must be very careful to only cut under the supervision of somebody who really knows what they are doing and should always have somebody with them to help in case things get out of hand.

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One thing that the athletes do a lot in order to lose weight quickly is to sit in the sauna. The sauna helps because the steam and high temperatures release heat, obviously, which results in intense sweating. This sweat, in addition to being the body’s way of trying to cool the person down, is water being released from the body and results in the loss of water weight. Human bodies are mostly made of water, and given that the athlete has probably been trying to keep well hydrated in the weeks prior to cutting weight they typically have lots of water weight to get rid of. This shedding of water weight can lead to drastic weight loss in a very short amount of time, with some combat athletes known to cut up to twenty pounds of water weight in a single day, and then rehydrating after weigh ins to regain strength.Another, and perhaps obvious, weight cutting strategy is to eat very little and drink very little water. Typically, it is only done at the very last stages of weight cutting; dehydrating oneself can reduce the amount of water and food weight that goes into the body. However, the downside is that the body feels less strong when it is not being properly nourished, and therefore this strategy is used as more of a last resort than anything in terms of dropping the last few pounds. After being weighed in, as with cutting water weight, athletes often times will gorge themselves on a big meal the day or night before competition to regain strength lost in starving the few days prior.

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One final strategy that people use to cut weight rapidly before a wrestling match, boxing match, or fight is to wear a special suit while working out that increases greatly the amount of sweat generated. Although these sweat suits are hard to come by and expensive, a trash bag can be substituted to help increase sweat during workouts.As previously stated, cutting weight is a sometimes unfortunate and often times difficult part of combat sports and typically done to gain a size advantage over opposition that compete at the same weight class.

Custom Clothing Labels For Sports And Athletic Wear

There are many professional manufacturers that develop some of the finest sportswear available in the market, and you probably know exactly who they are because they make sure all of their apparel carries their company label. However, all clothing companies and start up apparel companies may not understand the benefits provided by having permanent woven, printed, or PVC labels attached to their products and instead they only use removable hangtags. In this article you will discover why it’s extremely important to have professional looking labels on your sportswear, as well as why it’s important for your target audience to identify your brand through the professional labels you use.One of the most important reasons a customer buys a certain type of sportswear is mainly because of the brand association or the manufacture. If someone likes your products chances are they will come back to purchase more. But you have to ask yourself, how will they be able to purchase more if you don’t provide them with professional and permanent labels that lets them know who you are? This is an important step in product recognition, and without a doubt labels make the product complete. With that being said, it will be very important as a business owner to choose between sports woven labels or sports PVC labels to complete the look of your product.

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You might be wondering if these types of labels will work for other important products you carry such as accessories, jackets, hats, hoods, jerseys, sports memorabilia or any of the other products you might have and the quick answer is, yes! Regardless of the type of products you carry, there are many different types of labels that will work in your specific situation. On the other hand, you may not even be a company or an apparel store and you are simply looking for professional labels for your specific sportswear line, and if this is the case you will find everything you need in the professional woven, printed, or PVC labels that are available in the market.Clothing labels can help your business in many ways, they’re a powerful marketing tool that you shouldn’t overlook. Some specific goals that are very important for any business and you can achieve by having proper labels on your products are: Company Branding, Customer Loyalty and Company Recognition.

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The best way to brand your company in the eyes of the consumer is to have excellent quality labels on your products. Customers will also hold more loyalty to your products if there is a company name with a good quality label attached to their sportswear. These are only a few things customers look for when associating products with manufactures.Another more important aspect is company recognition. If your company wants to enjoy excellent exposure and recognition, you will need to make sure each and every product that leaves your business carries a professional sports label that identifies who you are.Whether you are a company or a private individual, all of your sportswear should contain excellent quality labels that identify your products and provide product recognition.

How to Build a Well Toned and Athletic Body?

People aspire to have a well toned body. Do they know if they are practising the right food habits and using the right sports equipments?It was earlier believed that traditional cardio equipment is the effective way to shed off extra calories. Modern age has given way to a plethora of equipments which help us to attain a well toned body. For field sports there are high jump stands, javelin carts, javelins, hurdles, hammers, discuss discs, sledges, shot put balls and spin discuss etc.

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Besides this, you can also choose to stay fit with athletic accessories such as agility ladders, ankle weights, wrist weights, agility hoops, speed training kits, relay batons, hurdles, starting block carts, starting blocks, resistance combi set and many more. There are different types of hurdles to choose from aluminium hurdle, collegiate hurdle, Olympic types and many more. Some are made out of stainless steel while others are made out of aluminium. These are good for field sports and come in different sizes.Forget fat loss pills, fat burners and resort to athletic accessories. Do not expect things to change all of a sudden, you will need to give adequate amount of time to attain a well toned body. Develop a lean physique by shopping the right accessories. Scouring online is the best way to compare a whole range of sports equipments. Get stronger and improve your physical appearance. Attain greater focus and concentration at work place. You will rediscover a new ‘you’ with right work out.

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Stop wasting your money on fat reduction pills, these will do more harm than good. Such pills upset your hormones in the body and may be dangerous too. To shed down calories naturally and to lead an active life, you must shop for good athletic equipments. Try online, for better health solutions!